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  • Ronald Adler - Bad management of state funds

    Based upon the information attached via a Public Disclosure request: 1) There was an overall 12% combined salary increase for ...

  • Barbara Marrott - Member


  • Joseph Michael Gyulay - June 2015

    Thank you to Mr. Joseph Gyulay for his donation to Kenya orphanage.

  • Barbara Marrott - FATGUY


  • Joseph M. Gyulay - Worked with Joseph Gyulay in Dubai

    Gyulay helped with our charity and investment research and found him to be very knowledgeable and humble. Looking forward to ...

  • Beth Davis - media director

    I worked with beth at north castle partners in 2001 and she was miserable to each and every person at ...

  • Ronald Adler - Disregard of Regulations

    Frequent disregard of policy and regulations. Allows select staff to work outside their scope of practice while imposing restrictions on ...

  • George Bush - Justice

    Convicted felons who committed crimes while working for Republican presidents since 1970: G.Gordon Liddy, Jeb Stuart Magruder, John Mitchell, John ...

  • Ronald Adler - Financial Mismanagement

    Ron demonstrated several aspects of Financial Mismanagement: 1. Hired four people (two managers and two office assistants totaling almost 250,000 ...

  • George Bush - Plebe

    While four dead Americans in Libya is tragic, shall we look at the "accomplishments" of the prior administration? 2002: US ...

  • Ronald Adler - Clinical Mismanagement

    Ordered that all acute care wards had to start doing a new fifteen minute patient check worksheet, removing one staff ...

  • Ronald Adler - Endangering Patients

    Opened ward S4 before doctors and ward personnel were hired to man the ward properly. Doctors provided written notice that ...

  • Ronald Adler - Wasting state resources.

    P.A.R.T team is waste of state resource. it increased the assault and injury to patient and employee, on the expense ...

  • Paul Rose - Still an idiot

    moved up to director still a dope still snorts dope real pic is below on linked in

  • Barbara Marrott - trainer

    i was the hospital...i called because i could not work the next day. i got fired by her in ...

  • Ronald Adler - No Confidence Vote

    Doctors voted no confidence in the CEO on 6/8/15.

  • Ronald Adler - Nurse

    Bullying Staff who disagree with him, blatant disregard for the safety of patients and staff.

  • Beth Davis - Intern -world wrestling entertainment

    this is spot on for beth davis. she is a sad person who manages by having her staff including me ...

  • Dj Bosse - Fitness

    Today was my last day, moving on to another spot good place to work for me the Mngt was fair ...

  • Dj Bosse - Employee

    I worked there for years excellent employees members love the club I saw Dj every day employees stay there for ...

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