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  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Fraud associated with VIT Chennai

    This guy is a fraud and does not have any degree . ISBCC 2015 : 2nd International Symposium on Big ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Fraud

    All his conferences are fake & fraud

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Local police of Pondicherry searching for this Kokula Krishna Hari K

    Fraud found. He cheats all people in the name of ASDF awards , ASDF FAKE Technoforum FAKE HE IS FRAUD ...

  • Paul Rose - idiot

    paul r rose is the dumbest casino marketing suit i have met in years. when not laughing he is heavily ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Techno Forum Group ASDF FAKE GROUP


  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Neutral Review

    Am not sure about his credentials, I have saw him only once during the interview. I could strongly appose the ...

  • Karen Bell - Former E-Content Specialist

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous feedback. Hands down, one of the worst managers I've ever had the misfortune of ...

  • Karen Bell - Nice to see someone else saying something about her!

    I was wondering if anyone had written any complaints about Karen online. I was happy to see this and know ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - FRAUD - Just See This Site!!!

    Complete fraud and liar business man. do not be fooled this man will not be a great boss and is ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Cheap cheater mother fucking basatard

    don't ever join ASDF , it is fake group ,,dont waste time and money by joining ASDF . he says ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Fraud No:1

    I had never encountered a being who deliberately perpetuated fraud against himself.

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - bonda vaayan... CHEAT ... thevidiya payan


  • Melissa Britain - Epitome of "Bad Boss"

    I have never had such an awful work experience as I did working with Melissa. I am very glad I ...

  • Paul Rose - true

    The pic is old but that is him-hes's a fat ass now. Ask any one working under him now he's ...

  • Karen Bell - Terrible!!!

    Karen Bell made working for EBSCO intolerable. We were not allowed to use sick hours without jumping through hoops and ...

  • Melissa Britain - New practice coordinator??

    What is up with that??

  • Melissa Britain - yucky boss

    The worst supervisor ever. What an ego!

  • Carl I Walters III - salesman trying to be a leader

    His lack of direction, idiotic policies and full of himself attitude has and continues to chase off all the Knowledgeable, ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - The Fraud Techie

    He did not even complete his undergraduate degree. A 23 old person who have not even completed his UG. Is ...

  • Latoya Johnson - Raving Lunatic - Watch Out

    This woman is effortlessly one of the most deranged people I've ever come across. She is violent at work, and ...

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This is a great idea! More accountability can only make bosses better leaders and their employees more productive.
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