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  • Jorge Mettey - Oh, no... here he comes again

    I read he's now with Azteca. Dude won't disappear. Absolutely avoid him! I'd rather work at Starbucks.

  • David Bradley - ditto

    yup its all true add your name to class action wrongful termination lawsuit

  • Melissa Britain - Practice Administrator

    She is soo clueless it is amazing how she is still there. She does her best to look good with ...

  • David Bradley - bad mgr

    horrible manager discusses employee complaints and problems with other employees favors certain employees based on how good they make him ...

  • William Kasel - Do not trust William Kasel.

    This man is a liar, cheater, and a fraud. He puts on a show like he has a lot of ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Carl Walters and Bill Moss have Destroyed DSHS

    Everything people have said is so true and nothing is being done to save our programs. I have seen so ...

  • Yoav Shapira - Administrator

    And, they are protecting her since she doesn't show up in any organization chart, phone list or meeting invites. But, ...

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - This guy copied my research paper and is selling it!

    This guy is a criminal! He stole a research paper I wrote as a grad student and has published it ...

  • Adam Bader - GAY

    He is a pure gay. Touches private parts :-(

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Kokula Krishna Hari K fake ASDF FAKE

    Thevidiya payan

  • Carmen Cook - Carmen Cook at it again

    She was ousted from DSHS for "Organizational Realignment", or, she is going to get us sued unless we get her ...

  • Abhishek Jain - Sold some data to us

    He sold some data to us from IBM, but not a worthy one.

  • Adam Bader - Cheater

    Gives always wrong information

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - just file a complaint against him in puducherry government/local police station/university

    IF He is a Fraud Person why can't everyone just file a complaint against him in puducherry government/local police station/university. ...

  • Aaron Forth - GAY Guy

    Worst. Unable to work with him.

  • Kokula Krishna Hari K - Kokula Krishna Hari K fake ASDF FAKE


  • Brett G. Durrett - imvu is fraudulent is a 3D social chat used by millions of users over the world to chat with each other. Recently ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Long time no see.....

    Hey Carl, how you been? I'm probably the last person you want to hear from. I've left little comments through ...


    A recent media release? did any media outlet actually pick this misleading media release? because the truth of it is ...

  • William Kasel - Beware William Kasel

    William Kasel cannot be trusted. He owes money to several past employees of Contracts mean nothing. He will string ...

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This is a great idea! More accountability can only make bosses better leaders and their employees more productive.
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