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  • Beth Davis - Director Creative Servics

    Beth is one of the meanest people i have ever worked with at WWE or my career. She is heartless, ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Sums it up

  • Cherell Fisher - She's cool

    And cute

  • Carl I Walters III - The Legacy of Carl Walters

    Countless acts of discrimination,harassment, hostile work environment, violations of DSHS policies over and over again. Carls claims he was untouchable ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Long suffering coming to an end

    Life with Carl has been a long and stressful road. I hope he learns from his ways. Carl your leadership ...

  • Carl I Walters III - RCS is amazingly dysfunctional

    Nobody could be successful in that backstabbing backwards thinking environment

  • Carl I Walters III - For the Next Employer

    Be advised the postings on this website are not exaggerated. There are liability risks associated with this person. Lawsuits will ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Finally

    Took ALTSA long enough???? ???????? ???? the ????

  • Carl I Walters III - Feeling hopeful

    As a long time employee of RCS, I personally am happy about the changes Mr Walters has encouraged and brought ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Just Maybe

    Just maybe sufficient pressure has been put on Walters. He Announced he was out of the office this week. Just ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Investigations underway

    What a messy web has been weaved. Watching Carl scramble as he is investigated is interesting indeed. The more publicity ...

  • Carl I Walters III - ON THE HOT SEAT

    Well with the dribble coming out of Walters mouth and emails this last week you can tell he is on ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Taking it to another level

    Carl Walters is a very manipulative and unkind man. He fully under estimates the intelligence of the people who work ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Bad News

    I have seen this leadership lie to employees and the public. Carl has not followed any rules when it come ...

  • Carl I Walters III - Get a Clue

    You think what is posted here is mean? It is the truth and as the saying goes, the truth hurts. ...

  • Jorge Mettey - Oh, no... here he comes again

    I read he's now with Azteca. Dude won't disappear. Absolutely avoid him! I'd rather work at Starbucks.

  • David Bradley - ditto

    yup its all true add your name to class action wrongful termination lawsuit

  • Melissa Britain - Practice Administrator

    She is soo clueless it is amazing how she is still there. She does her best to look good with ...

  • David Bradley - bad mgr

    horrible manager discusses employee complaints and problems with other employees favors certain employees based on how good they make him ...

  • William Kasel - Do not trust William Kasel.

    This man is a liar, cheater, and a fraud. He puts on a show like he has a lot of ...

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This is a great idea! More accountability can only make bosses better leaders and their employees more productive.
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